この学園からスタート(Start From School)

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Feb 27, 2021
German, Spanish, French, English, Italian

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Control the enemy on your PC screen by moving the player with your mouse, carry out various actions, and defeat enemies in this shooting-style game.
(Comes with a tutorial for game controls)


While many scholars and scientists rejected certain areas of research, there existed a secret educational institution that specialized in teaching such topics.

The location and class materials of this academy are kept under the strictest of secrets, and unless you have connections, you must be scouted in order to enroll.
However, all levels of schooling are available, from kindergarten to graduate school.
One day, two sisters, students of this institution, decided to take a trip abroad over the long holiday.
Once they reach their destination, the two encounter a certain organism...

Tesatani Sotae, 16 years old, blood type A, born on September 12th.

A second year at Kigikawa Academy high school.
In addition to normal subjects found at other schools, once students enter the academy, they must pick from one special area of research that can only be found at Kigikawa and continue to research that field until graduation.
(Although, if you propose a new area of study, you are allowed to pursue that field if you receive permission.)
Tesatani Sotae studies paranormal physics, which is a type of research focusing on interacting with organisms from other realms. During a past paranormal physics experiment, she once brutally tormented an organism from another realm (one which humans could not interact with), and now that no foreign organisms will approach her as a result, shes referred to as the strongest barrier of this world.
Sotae has a diligent personality, although she can be a bit passive as well, so she rarely initiates things herself.
Shes logical and a realist, which means she regrets having entered the academy, where she must now study otherworldly subjects.
Unlike Fukuna, she dislikes household chores.

Tesatani Fukuna, 19 years old, blood type B, born on August 6th.

A first year at Kigikawa Academy college. Sotaes older sister.
She is a curious person, though also selfish and heavy-handed. She tends to try to work everything out by going with the flow. Sometimes she doesnt announce her research results when shes supposed to, and things of that sort, and so she appears to be treated like a problem student at the academy.
Fukuna is good at household chores, unlike Sotae, but for some reason, she cant make coffee.
Her special research subject is the use of nonexistent energy.
The most extreme finding in her research was her accomplishment in erasing the energy (turning it into nonexistent energy) that made her age.
She was able to achieve the widely-desired state of immortality, where time seemed to stand still as days passed without her aging at all, which would have made her research the most important finding in the history of the academy… However, she never publicly announced the results.
Though she was immortal, she was still able to set her lifespan back to a normal length...but certain aspects were more convenient that way (such as never getting old), so she decided to stay immortal until she feels like turning back again.

She currently has special permission to work as a carpenter to study the practical uses of nonexistent energy.
However, she doesnt actually work very often. Its also unknown why she chose carpentry.

Bomanita, ? years old, blood type ?, born ?? BCE.

A clever organism from another realm discovered by the Tesatani sisters on their overseas trip. A work client. Self-proclaimed eternal middle management.
She even serves as a midway source of authority between realms, due to her strong ability to interfere with them.
Organisms who cannot interfere in each others realms are able to interfere (see each other, hear each other, and talk to each other) within the academy itself.
For that purpose, the academy allows transfer students to come from other realms.
Bomanita lost contact with her younger sister, who had transferred to Kigikawa Academy, so she is now searching fearlessly for her.
She generally likes to abide by rules and order, but due to her masochistic personality, shes unable to disobey Fukuna or anyone who ranks higher than her.

Youre welcome to use this product for videos and livestreams!!
(Though Im sorry to ask it, please do so responsibly.)

System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista Windows7 Windows8 Windows8.1 Windows10
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 195 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: DirectX End-User Runtimes
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.